Link to LA Meetings

DayTimeNameLinkMeeting IDPasswordHostNotes
Daily7:00 AMMorning MeetingLink858 178 153404310Lauren BSaturday’s meeting starts at 7:30 AM
Daily7:00 PMSufficient Substitute LGBTQ Friendly (Open)Link284 131 52931567Carrie A/Emily J/Erika WFresno/Bakersfield Combo
Daily9:00 AMStaying Connected513 640 7332No Password
Daily7:30 PMKern River Valley312 674 4078Call the Kern River Valley AA Hotline 760-379-4112 for meeting entry code and for any other information 
Monday thru Friday7:00 AMStart Your Day878 246 4961No Password
Monday thru Friday5:30 PMDowntown Happy Hour878 246 49616No Password
MondayNoonNorthwest Nooners189 343 128No Password
Monday6:30 PMRule 62971 434 340No PasswordAngel C/Noelia C
Monday7:30 PMEast Side Action132 981 603pinkcloudBecky L
Monday7:30 PMLGBTQ+ Monday Night (formerly Monday Night Gay Group)Link283 547 045freedomLiz T
Monday7:30 PMMonday Stockdale Group (Closed)Link705 020 6963(Rosewood Meeting)
Monday7:30 PMJust Another AA Meeting835 208 60509Monday
Monday11:00 PMMonday Night Pajama PartyLink624 691 190sweatpantsBecky L
TuesdayNoonNorthwest Nooners189 343 128No Password
Tuesday7:00 PMWoman’s Meeting164 358 4941xgu40
Tuesday8:00 PMNo Nonsense830 612 783150831
Wednesday7:00 PMThe Valley Group Speaker MeetingLink228 393 839No PasswordBill HVisalia’s Speaker Meeting for the entire Valley
Wednesday7:00 PMTrudging The Road 12 x 12 Step Study592 247 009660569Bring your “Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions” book if you have one.
Wednesday7:00 PMOildale Group Wednesday Night Candlelight175 789 871No Password
Wednesday8:00 PMWednesday Night Power HourPending323465
Wednesday8:30 PMSicker Than Others539 941 563No Password
Thursday6:00 PMWomen’s StagLink849 776 895071843Allison GWomen’s Meeting
Thursday6:00 PMMen’s StagLink618 064 2713404141Men’s Meeting
Thursday7:30 PMNew HorizonsLink703 698 837No PasswordRichard R
Thursday7:30 PMThursday Night SW Looney Group Book StudyLink181 480 24812n12Justin S
Friday6:00 PMPut a Lid on It619 880 058047784Deborah C
Friday7:00 PMTGIF RosewoodLink991 489 6664600Jocelyn H
Friday9:00 PMUntitled Young People’s MeetingLink161 588 866No PasswordGarrett L/Justin W
SaturdayNoonNo Matter What625 624 726No PasswordDavid Z
Saturday3:00 PMCoffee on the Hill245 252 031066052Angel
Saturday7:30 PMSaturday Select Speaker MeetingLink216 157 9336No PasswordSam L
Sunday9:30 AMSunday Morning MeetingLink623 717 4061SunMorningElizabeth R
Sunday9:30 AMOildale Sunday Morning Meeting542 893 5230No PasswordMandie S
Sunday7:00 PMSunlight of the SpiritLink492 726 5954323465Robert S
Sunday7:30 PMSouWestersLink688 646 915031148Grant G

For Zoom users: With the rush to shift to online meetings, we must take time to investigate what this means to the spiritual foundation of our recovery – namely, anonymity. Now that online meetings are accessible, we want to pass on best practices for protecting anonymity.
These have been curated from the membership and online resources.
The default Zoom settings run counter to AA’s spiritual foundation of anonymity. The meetings are publicly accessible and full names and faces are often displayed. Additionally, by default all Zoom meetings are recorded to the cloud. Turning that feature off is simple, fortunately.
There are other settings in the Meeting subtab that can also be adjusted, such as disallowing remote control of devices, file transfer, data sharing with Zoom, and screen sharing.
Here are some suggested settings for your meeting to use. Please note that most, if not all, of the settings below are not the Zoom default:
Go to: Settings > Recording and click off the Local and Cloud recording features.
In the Zoom Settings section, under the Meeting subtab:
• Require Encryption for Third Party Endpoints
• Disable Auto saving chats
• Disable File transfer
• Disable Feedback to Zoom
• Disable Screen sharing
• Disable desktop/screen share for users
• Disable Remote control
• Allow Virtual background (this is the Zoom default and allows the user to use a virtual background instead of the inside of their apartment, for example)
In the Zoom Settings section, under the Recording subtab:
• Disable Local recording
• Disable Cloud recording
• Disable Autom